Edu Hive Education Consultancy

Edu Hive Education Consultancy licensed educational consultant who specializes in overseas Education and Immigration Services. We are also devoted towards providing good services to the students.

About Us.

Edu Hive Education Consultancy is a licensed education consultancy located in the downtown heart of Kathmandu city, KL Tower, 5th Floor, Chabahil.Established since 2014, the organization is recognized by variety of educational institutions and good number of students who have been successfully placed in different institutions all over the world.  It is also an overseas educational consultant organization devoted towards providing good services to the students.We are here for helping students to achieve their dreams of international education. Its objective is to provide a formal and authorized link between international education enterprises, national institutions and the students planning to study abroad.Edu Hive take care of all application process. We ensure that you are applying to the educational institution that best fits your profile. Our modified services include student admission and student visa counseling and providing the process. Edu Hive counselors can guide students and parents through the entire process of arranging your studies abroad by choosing a course, an institution and ensuring that you arrive safely at your chosen destination. At Edu Hive Education Consultancy, we believe in complete student satisfaction.

Why Edu Hive Education Consultancy?

  • Quality Test preparation classes: IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc. and Japanese language with expert professional instructor

  • Located at prime location in Kathmandu at KL Tower, 5th floor, Chabahil.

  • Counseled by certified & experienced education counselor

  • Knowledge-based, informed, differentiated counseling

  • Ministry of Education –MOE, Government approved education consultancy
  • Loan assistance, immigration advice and scholarship assistance for students
  • Visa interview guidance from the expert professionals

  • Genuine documentation

  • Provide genuine information and help in terms of University selection

Our Vision & Mission.

  • To show the right career path to our students who intended to apply for abroad study for their further study. Our state-of-the-art services cater not only to the students’ inherent needs for exploring career oriented educational opportunities but also their pursuit for self-actualization.

  • Professional insight, dependable fundamental beliefs, academic and amiable condition, skillful and obliging taking care of or above all, personalized service, are our trade marks. Besides offering a value image (high quality at affordable price), we strive to provide services that far exceed the expectations of the customers.
  • We conceive operating the firm on a sustainable basis with an emphasis on steady profitable growth, providing value to our stakeholders and creating opportunities of growth and development for our team.

  • On the social plane, we need to achieve a subjective change in the lives and conduct of our kin by starting creative methods for advancing instructive mindfulness other than investigating the chances of bringing quality training inside the grip of each yearning/skilled/meriting understudy including the individuals who generally will most likely be unable to manage the cost of it.

Our Team

Ang Kaji Sherpa


Bibhusan Kayastha


Ang Tshiring Sherpa


Suraj Chakradhar

Managing Director

Christina Sherpa

Front Desk Officer