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    Test presentation in Edu-Hive is designed all in the favor of students. Students can learn in a comfortable zone and they can anytime feel free to keep their queries. Students are guided by expertise to achieve what they are aiming for. All tests preparations are done in quiet and peaceful environment. Class room for all test preparations is well equipped.


    PTE stands for "Pearson Tests of English" PTE is a complete computer based English language test designed for non-native English speakers planning to study abroad.  PTE test includes Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. These tests are often tests two skills together such as Reading and Writing or Reading and Speaking.  The test is taken all through computer system and the completion of whole session is for 3 hours. Like IELTS PTE doesn’t take long time duration to publish results. PTE results are published within 4-5 days of exam. 

    PTE is accepted by thousands of worldwide universities. PTE is also accepted for visa processing by Australia and New Zealand. 


    PTE contains three main sections and the time last for 3 hours depending upon the combination of questions in the sections.

    Section 1: Speaking and Writing (77-93 minutes)

    Speaking section tests your English speaking ability in an academic environment. You should be careful in writing your answers in computer systems with the correct grammar and spelling. There will not be auto correct in your computer in test period. There are different parts in section 1 which are listed below for your easiness to understand:

    Part A: Personal information ( Name, Address, Studies etc.)

    Part B:



    Read aloud


     Varies by item depending upon the length of time.


    Repeat sentences


    15 seconds

    Describe image


    40 seconds

    Re-tell lecture


    40 seconds

    Answer short questions


    10 seconds

    Summarize written text


    10 minutes

    Write essay


    20 minutes


    Section 2: Reading (32-41 minutes)

    In reading section you will have 5 sets of questions which includes ; Multiple choice choose single answers, Multiple choice choose multiple answers, Re-order paragraphs, Reading- fill in the blanks, and reading and writing fill in the blanks.

    Section 3: Listening (45-57 minutes)

    In the listening section also you will be provided with almost 8 items which includes;



    Summarize spoken text

    60-9- seconds

    Multiple choice choose multiple answers

    40-90 seconds

    Fill in the blanks

    30-60 seconds

    Highlight correct summary

    30-90 seconds

    Multiple choice choose single answers

    30-60 seconds

    Select missing word

    20-70 seconds

    Highlight incorrect word

    15-50 seconds

    Write from dictation

    3-5 seconds


    PTE  Academic fee:

    The standard PTE Academic exam fee is Rs 11,271 + 18% GST which comes out to be Rs 13,300. In case you are booking for your exam late, the price of late booking is Rs. 14,089 + 18% GST which comes out to be Rs 16,625